About IMA


International Management Association (IMA) was established in 1999 and is specialized in providing professional education and services to adult learners and companies in the territory.

Being an advocate of education and life-long learning, IMA was established with the mission to promote the development and the application of knowledge, and the maturation of intellect and character through academic and professional training programs.

IMA works with renowned universities to encourage intellectual and professional development, to foster wide range of knowledge, concepts and ideas. It also provides facilities and services to help arrange and promote social events and seminars across different industries, sharing different experiences to enhance both personal and professional growth of working professionals.

At IMA, all our staff are well-trained and experienced in the education service market. We provide the most professional academic advice and services. We strive to balance the work, study, and other commitments of our working executive students.

IMA is honored to be recognized as a Caring Company in Hong Kong, and at the same time receives the Living Business Award from HSBC. We carry the objective of being one of the finest international providers of higher education and professional learning!